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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Course in Lahore Pakistan & Online

( Online Classes )
Object Oriented Analysis & Design Course in Lahore Pakistan & Online

Object oriented analysis and design is the principal industry-proven method for developing reliable, more reusable, easily maintainable software systems. This course provides practical skills in the latest object oriented requirements gathering, analysis and design methods & RUP. You will also learn to generate and interpret UML models as applied to a wide range of activities using the significant extensions and enhancements of UML 2.0 & CASE tools. Intensive hands-on case studies offer you a working knowledge that turns concepts into practice.
Brief Contents

Introduction & Overview of OOAD

Essentials of Rational Unified Process (RUP)

RUP Disciplines, Phases & Iterations

UML 2.0 and the Modeling Process

Vision & Supplementary Requirement Document

Activity Diagrams for Requirement Analyses

Modeling System Behavior with Use Cases

Actors, Use Cases, and Use-Case Diagrams

Use-Case Models and Activity Diagrams

Creating Domain Model of the System

General Responsibility Assignment Patterns

Interaction Diagrams & Object Collaboration

Defining Logical Architecture of the System

Finding System Level Operations & SSDs

Defining Operation Contracts

General Responsibility Assignment Patterns

Design Patterns & Best Practices

Creating State Machine Diagram

Assigning Responsibilities to Classes

Creating Class Diagram & Package Diagram

Creating Component & Deployment Diagram

System Modeling in UML with CASE tools

Code Generation from Models

Reverse Engineering from Code

Training Methodology

Lectures & Demos by industry experts

Project Driven Hands-On approach

Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices

Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation


Developers, Team Leads, Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers & Architects

Any other person having good understanding of object oriented programming

Course Project

At the end of the course participants are required to submit requirements, analysis & design of an n-tier application. The project should be developed using RUP and UML. The student should also follow best practices of software industry for object oriented analysis and design


IBM Certified Solution Designer for Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Certificate of Participation by EVS

Duration & Frequency

5 weeks (2 sessions of 2 hours a week)

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