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Xamarin Mobile App Development Course in Lahore Pakistan & Online

( Online Classes )
Xamarin Mobile App Development Course in Lahore Pakistan & Online

This hands-on training covers mobile app development using C#, Xamarin and Visual Studio 2019. It includes Mobile UI Development using Xamarin Forms; Storing and accessing local data using SQLite; Storing and accessing server data using REST APIs, JSON and XML. The course also cover deployment of Xamarin Mobile Apps to Mobile devices.
Brief Contents

Developing Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps using Visual Studio 2019

Setting Xamarin Mobile App Development Environment

Developing understanding of Asynchronous Programming in .NET

Building Xamarin Forms Mobile UI/UX using XAML & C#

Layout Managers: Stack Layout, Grid Layout & Flex Layout

Views-1: Entry, Label, Image, Button, Image Button, Frame & Box View

Views-2: DatePicker, TimePicker, Picker, Slider & Stepper & Switch

Views-3: ListView, WebView, ScrollView, ProgressBar & SearchBar

Creating & using Custom Views in Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps

Creating Single Page & Multiple Page Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps

Modal Pages to Display Contents & Take User Input in Mobile Apps

Developing understanding of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Creating Mobile Apps using Stack Navigation & Tab Navigation

Creating Master Details scenario in Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps

Creating and Using Resources & Styles for consistent Mobile UI

Using Mobile Device Features in Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps

Store & Access Local Data using SQLite in Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps

Serialization & Deserialization of JSON and XML Data in Mobile Apps

Store & Access Server Data using REST Services, JSON & XML

Debugging, Testing & Deployment of Xamarin Form Mobile Apps

Training Methodology

Lectures & Demos by industry experts

Project Driven Hands-On approach

Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices

Projects, assignments & quizzes for participant’s evaluation


Programmers, Software Developer, Web Developers

Software Analysts, Software Designers and Software Architects

Any other person willing to learn software development using .NET Core

Course Project


Certificate of participation by EVS

Duration & Frequency

2 Month (8 weeks; with 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)

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